Friday, March 1, 2013

Will Hive-Mind Technology be used to create the Mark of the Beast

I found this interesting article from End Times Headlines.

“Creating a “superbrain” of connected minds, scientists on Thursday said they had enabled a rat to help a fellow rodent while the animals were a continent apart but connected through brain electrodes. With electrodes imbedded in its cortex, a rat in a research institute in Natal, Brazil sent signals via the Internet to a counterpart at a university lab in Durham, North Carolina, helping the second animal to get a reward. The exploit opens up the prospect of linking brains among animals to create an “organic computer,” said Brazilian neurobiologist Miguel Nicolelis. It also helps the quest to empower patients stricken with paralysis or locked-in syndrome, he said. More

Something struck me with this article. If brains can be connected to a network, then it may possible for the brain to submit irreversibly to remote control through means of the network architecture. Today computers can be completely controlled through client-server network architectures like Active Directory. Directory services like Active Directory allow a computers to be joined to a domain. Computers joined to the domain, called clients, have their security information managed by a database distributed among one or more domain controllers; and installed programs, apps, and services are managed remotely by servers in the domain. Clients can be completely remote-controlled.


The information architecture of human brains is complex enough that I doubt any such system could work in a functional manner  without the initial co-operation of the subject. Once a person was initially conveted to loyalty to the Antichrist system and willingly received as the mark technology that could join their brain to the beast hive-mind, that technology would allow the hive-mind to irreversibly take complete control of their brain, pushing the subject past the point of being able to repent.


This post orignally appeared in Dallas Carter’s Commentary


Will Hive-Mind Technology be used to create the Mark of the Beast

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