Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will 2013 Mark the Rise of Peter the Roman?

As I write this. the College of Cardinals is meeting in a conclave to elect the next Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. There is much speculation that the next Pope will be the last Pope. This speculation is as based on a purported prophecy of Malachy. Malachy made prediction about the last 112 Popes.


Benedict was Pope 111. When he became Pope, he conscious identified his papacy with the Malachy prophecy by naming himself after Benedict, founder of the Olivetian order. Given the the prophecy of Malachy is very well known in Catholic circles, the selection of any one who could be identified as Peter the Roman would, of necessity, be a self fulfilling prophecy. Should the next Pope be identifiable as Peter the Roman, it would signal that the Vatican regards the current age as the end time. Given the connections of the Vatican to other players in the New World Order, it would be the smoking gun that the New World Order is planning to execute its next phase of operations – its emergence as the global government  and one world religion of planet earth.


Originally published in Dallas Carter’s Commentary.

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Will 2013 Mark the Rise of Peter the Roman?

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