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Bully Israel- and Face the Wrath of her King

There are several promises that God has given to the nation of Israel. He promised Abraham in Gen 12:3 that "I will bless those who bless you,And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed And I will curse him who curses you;  " In Joel 3, we see that at he time God restores Israel from  her diaspora, that nations would conspire to carve up her land, and that He will judge them. Is there a pattern that supports the idea that the King of Heaven judges attempts to carve up the land He calls "My Land".

There has, indeed, emerged over the past 20 years a curious pattern. A clear pattern that, As Alice would say, is getting “curiouser and curiouser.” Significant dates in the so-called Middle East Peace Process, which is basically a program to carve land out of Israel to male room for a Palestinian state, are connected to dates for some of the worst disasters in modern history.

Writing on these connections is nothing new. Numerous people have written on this. has confirmed that this pattern has a factual basis. What I wish to do here that has not been attempted before is to assign probabilities to these events. I have chosen just six of these events to assign probabilities. The list of events larger. I examined the probabilities that major floods, Cat-5 hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, and super-earthquakes (8.5+) would happen at any given specific time and did some math.

Below are some of the sources I used. I simply added up the number of events and divided by the number of years to get the average interval between events. 1/ (average interval= number of days between events) = the likelihood that it will happen on a specific day

Major flood prob within 24 hours = 1/(365 * 111/76) = 0.00187

Tornado outbreak prob = 1/(180 * 111/260) = 0.0130

32 Atlantic cat-5 hurricanes

14 Pacific cat-5 hurricanes
hurricane prob = 1/(90 * 111/46) = 0.0046

16 earthquakes 8.5 and higher since 1900 on anniversary = 16/365 = 0.0438

August 23- 24,1992 Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Andrew occurred as the Madrid Peace talks moved to Washington DC.The talk were on trying to get Israel to give up the Golan Heights. Andrew was a cat-5 hurricane. I calculated the total number of cat-5 hurricanes, which is 46, and divided by the number of days. That gave the average number of days between cat- 5 hurricanes. The reciprocal (1/x) of that is the likelihood that a cat-5 hurricane will strike on any given day. That number is 0.0046.

August 23-31, 2005 Hurricane Katrina
Katrina was the most expensive natural disaster in American history, causing over $80 billion in damage. Between August 15-22, Israel, under pressure from US, forcibly and permanently evacuated over 8000 Jewish settlers from Gush Katif. Israel was forced to practice apartheid with the hearty approval of the world. Settlers were not evicted because they did not have valid deeds to their properties but because of their Jewish ethnicity. The day after the evacuation, Katrina was born and would grow to a cat-5. The probability of this was also 0.0046. The cumulative probability is 0.0046 * 0.0046 = 0.00002116 or about 1 chance per fifty-thousand. The calculated probabilities do not include the parallels between the Gush Katif evacuation and the evacuation of similar percentage of Americans New Orleans.

This outbreak included the most powerful tornado ever recorded. On this day Yasser Arafat was scheduled to declare a Palestinian state. That declaration was postponed. Probability of this is 0.0130. The cumulative probability is 0.00002116 * 0.0130 = 0.00000027508 or 1 chance in five millllion.

Mar 11,2011 Japan earthquake
On March 11, 2010 Japan issued a statement condemning Jews building settlements in East Jerusalem. Japan agreed with the rest of the world that apartheid based on Jewish ethnicity is OK. On the 1st year anniversary of Japan's affirmation of apartheid, a 9.0 earthquake shook Japan so hard it moved the island 8 inches closer to the United States. This resulted in a tsunami which caused the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Since this did not happen the same day, I calculated the probability of a super-earthquake (8.5 or higher) happening on an anniversary day. (16 / 365 = 0.0438). Prob = 0.0438 * 0.00000027508 = 0.000000012048504 or 1 chance in 100 million.

October 15-22, 1998: Texas Flooded
October 15-22, 1998, Arafat and Netanyahu meet at the Wye River Plantation in Maryland. The focus of the talks was on Israel giving up 13 percent of Yesha. Starting October 17, Texas has excessive rain until the 22nd. The probability of the floods starting the second day is 0.00187 * 2 =
Prob = 0.00374 * 0.000000012048504 = 0.00000000004506140496 or 1 chance in 25 million.

12 April 2011 UN endorses statehood
On April 12, 2011, The United Nations issued a report that said that the Palestinian Territories are ready for statehood and set a timetable for a September declaration of statehood. On 14-27 April 2011 a combination tornado outbreak followed by a major flood in t5he Ohio-Mississippi Valleys followed by another major tornado outbreak. The two outbreaks ranked 2nd and 3rd on the list of worst outbreaks. The probability of this sequence is 0.0130 * within 2days * 0.00187 * within 9 days *0.0130 * within 15 days = 0.000085328.
Cumulative probability = 0.000085328 * 0.00000000004506140496 = 0.00000000000000384499956242688 or 1 chance in 250 trillion.


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